Service and Impact


SOCHAI combines low cost, low tech innovative product and services to tackle the health and nutrition issues at ground level.

On the service aspect, we design and implement community based interactive learning programs for different groups such as

  • Aama Samuha/ Mother’s groups
  • Golden 1000 days mothers (Pregnant/lactating mothers)
  • Adolescent girls
  • School children
  • Health Workers and FCHVs
  • Youth and young students

Our knowledge and skill building programs are complemented by our low tech innovative tools and kits. To deliver this service, we select, train, recruit and mobilize youth volunteers who work at the ground level to conduct these programs.

Impact (2017/2018)

Nutribeads for Nutribetter!

• A total of 1000+ mothers reached through our buy one give one scheme. They received counseling regarding maternal and child nutrition and feeding using ‘Nutribeads bracelet’ in eight districts.

1500+ bracelets sold and distributed as a part of the buy one give one scheme.

• Nutrition workshop conducted in 7 schools in 4 districts which benefited 3000+ school children, adolescent girls teachers and staff.

• 300+ health workers oriented about importance of community nutrition from a lifecycle approach.

• By selling our products, the Nutribeads and Redcycle bracelets, we are generating fund for project sustainability. We are also creating income opportunities for two local artisans.

• More than 25 youth got capacity building opportunity and a platform to volunteer at community level.

Through the fund raised by selling the bracelets, we were able to provide nutrition+hygiene packages and counseling to 150 disaster affected women and children in Terai region.